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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 2, 2009 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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week we watch we hope you enjoy. that's it for us from the fox studios in new york. good night everybody have a good night everybody have a great week captioned by closed captioning services, inc. healthcare deal on capitol hill. senator john mccain joins me to respond. >> cambridge police acted stupidly. >> cops are turning on president obama. former lapd detective mark fuhrman is here. >> the bill is a thousand pages. >> congressman john conyers isn't doing his homework. >> a soldier demands an apology from one democratic senator. >> anti obama protestors take to the streets in israel. all of that plus the great, great american panel and it starts right now. all right. we are three-days from the house's august recess and 8 days from the senate summer break. the clock is ticking and
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democrats have yet to produce the healthcare bill that president obama has demanded so they are doing what all responsible adults would do, making excuses. that is our headline this tuesday night shifting the blame. politico. com reports house speaker nancy pelosi is blaming insurance companies for her failure to get a healthcare bill through the house. house majority jim klein berg didn't get that memo because he's blaming it on republicans. according to kleinberg republicans perfected the quote just say no. that's interesting because democrats enjoy such a powerful majority in congress they don't need the republicans to pass this bill. it's democrats themselves holding up this mess of a bill. they are the 7 blue dog democrats on the energy and commerce committee and they have been wielding their power within the democratic party. why the democrats? why are they shifting the blame to republicans? joining me to answer this question is arizona senator john mccain.
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senator? you would think the republicans consider they get normal blame for all of this. >> you would think so. i would be careful traditionally historically they bark but they don't bite. in the case of other bills such as climate change the speaker of appeals often in order to win you will see he wants a free pass. i am not confident that the blue dogs -- bulldogs will go fast. >> it is also likely there's a couple senators we keep reading about three republicans three democrats and they have gotten together in a room and they pretty much have worked out their differences and they are talking about a company op bill instead of a public option bill. is it increme ement tallism in your mind? >> i think it's incrementalincr.
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in the healthcare committee which i am in we spend a lot of days working together none of our really significant amendments such as medical malpractice reform were adopted. but i don't know exactly what is going on amongst those six republicans and democrats, but i know that if they do pay for the so-called government option that's not going to make a lot of democrats very happy. so we will have to wait and see. our mi message is we republican want reform, but we also don't want to have a government takeover of the healthcare system which is put in the -- foot in the door second of all we don't want any employer mandates. >> why would members of the senate finance committee be negotiating a probe like this and not consult with leaders like yourself, does that bother you? >> i think they are consulting with us. i understand that people are always in favor of negotiations
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to try to reach a solution. i just don't believe right now the democrat proposal as we understand it as the negotiations are are going to succeed because the democrats having unavailable that you have to change the entire healthcare system in america. we are of the fundamental belief the quality of healthcare is the best in the world and you have to preserve it. the problem is the affordability availability not the quality. >> look at what democrats are talking about the various taxes they have at least thrown out there as a trial. the latest ones are for example plastic surgery which by the way probably that's going to impact both you and me oun the road. at least me for sure. they are talking about a soda tax, they are talking about taxing employer benefits, they are talking about a millionaire surcharge tax. the bottom line is they are talking about significant tax
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increases when the economy is in a slow down. what is your reaction of any of those tax increase proposals? >> my reaction is this is the worst time in recent history to raise anybody's taxes. but the point is that when we are talking about reform and reducing costs, why do we have to increase taxes? why do we have to increase revenues there's a fundamental contradiction there. the truths they need by allowing small businesses to have fai -- based treatment by medical malpractice reform. statistics are about $100 million a year are spent on defense and medicine and doctors. i assure you most of you know that a neurosurgery gone's
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malpractice insurance could be $200,000 a year. it pays for that. so we think there are fundamental reforms that could be made to reduce the escalating cost of healthcare. that's the difference. fundamental philosophical difference. >> that's why i would rather have more of those options and less of what these private meetings might bring about. senator, i try to tell anybody that will listen this is going to be a disaster. everything i have heard so far of monumental per portions. it's not just sean hannity it's the congressional budget office. it's going to drive up healthcare costs by trillions. it's going to lead millions out of the system. it's going to force millions into the government system. i think we have every reason to believe it results in rationira, it results in government making decisions as they try to save money including probably impacting the elderly the most. is there any aspect of mayannal sis that's wrong or am i pretty much on target? >> i think you are on target,
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two, one of the seminal moments occurred a couple weeks ago and last week when the congressional budget office, which by the way is selected the head of by the democrats came out with a devastating assessment of the effects of the healthcare plan that was with the senate. as you know it did not save money, it increased healthcare costs by over 200 and some billion dollars a year t. did not provide universal coverage. it was a devastating blow to what the president and democrats were trying to how moist off on american people. it was not reform and all it was going to do is increase costs to americans. >> during the campaign you were one to take little old sean hannity's advice. you are laughing. i felt the issue of jeremiah wright, bill ayers, the radical association i thought they were important issues because i think it reveals a part of the president's character that i think needed deeper analysis.
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the president waiting on the controversy of the cambridge police department and professor gates. the president without any knowledge says they acted stupidly and then tried to turn it into a teaching moments and everybody needs to lower the volume. there was a great col klum reassuring if you have insurance for 20-years you would have the rush to judgment. in retrospect do you think maybe it was more important that people thought maybe you should have brought it up more? >> i don't. inge people were aware of that situation. it was very well publicized and very well covered. we were in the midst of an economic tsunami as you know. the stock market dropped 700 points in one day. i think people's attention were on the economy and also the situation with regards to iraq. i believe we would succeed there. i think those were the major issues, but i understand your
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point. >> we have had the president now has had six months to impact the economy. he said unemployment wouldn't go above 8 percent now it's 9 and a half percent heading to double digits. he accumulated more debt than any other president combined before him. now his poll numbers are beginning to impact. the decisions that he's making. how bad are these decisions for the economy? i mean, if you are to assess it honestly six months in, how bad is this for the american people? >> i think the stimulus package was a seminole moment. picked off three republicans one is a democrat. it was a huge massive, a huge massive expenditure and the money couldn't be spent right away. right now there's only 10 percent of the money and the predictions were there would be unemployment maximum of 8 percent. this has raised the awareness and concern about what we are
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doing is committing generational theft and robbing our children and grandchildren of an economic future. that's why i think the seminole moment was. >> i think you quoted the term generational theft i think you were dead on. senator always good to see you. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up one democratic congressman caught on tape admitting he has no plan to read the healthcare bill before voting on it. we have unbelievable video. only 90 seconds away. "washington post" says democrats are shading the truth about the real cau cost of healthcare reform. we will check in with dana par reno alexis glick and dan fuhrman will waive in on the officer gates barack obama s ofo problem. it's what makes triscuit worth every bite. triscuit. weave some wonder.
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>> two-days and two lawyers to find out what it means. >> it's two complex for lawmakers to bother with but good enough to take care of life and death decisions. that's comforting. more "hannity in 90 seconds.
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>> there were high hopes today among democrats that a deal could be reached on healthcare but it now appears the house adjourned on friday without voting on the bill. which is good. price tag of the looming reformal lexic glick from the fox business network and former white house press secretary dana perino. first of all it's the democrats their own ranks fighting amongst themselves which is a good thing. >> they control every bit of washington and they have no one to blame but themselves. >> why am i convinced that pelosi, reed and the president have not given hup up. >> they haven't. >> and they are basically going to compromise. they are trying to rewrite this
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bill. right now they have come up with the idea of a quo op not a government option. >> no matter what i don't think they will get a bill by friday. they haven't put it on the back burner and we have to be careful because they are whiley, they are going to try to get something through, but they have not convinced the american people what is going to be in this plan and why they should pay for it and they are not buying it. i don't care how many knew -- new ideas they come up with they have to go back to the drawing board. >> what bothers me they are going to come up with a different type of wording incrementalism and not going to give up their goal which is around healthcare. >> the co-op conversation is going on now for at least 6 weeks. i interviewed conrad about it. he was the first to raise it. i think it has some real fraction. i believe it will be the bill that gets supported not only by
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blue dogs but also by fiscally conservative republicans. it's a nonprofit. the projections are it will cover did million people. even though we argue 45 million people are unemployed even the experts say about 45-47 million could be sur -- currently insured in the program. >> it has been de bunk. >> i don't want to get distract distracted. this is really important. you say conservative republicans are going to support it. as far as i know there are only three republicans on the senate finance committee and a couple others even talking to the democrats. where do you get the confident conservatism. >> the key thing is if you look at the he knows, health insurance in general, it is basically run by a handful of companies. the key issue here is insurance is going by a state by state basis.
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the issue is, can you cross over interstate lines right now and make sure that if you are living in new jersey you can purchase insurance in rhode island. and one of the things that they are saying is -- affordability. affordability creates an increased competition which lowers prices and right now what we lack is competition. if you do co-op that is away to address competition and lowering of prices without a government option. >> took alexis about a minute to explain that and i don't understand what she is talking about it's a compliment to her not to me, but i am like most americans -- >> it's complicated. >> they are not going to be able to explain it. this debate is so toxic. they have had a terrible week last week. no matter how many co-ops or exchanges they said this will raise the deficit. unless they come up with something that won't raise the deficit the president himself -- >> it will not raise the deficit
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number one. >> we don't know that. it hasn't been supported by the ceo. >> that's what we are waiting on is the cbo report. >> that option has a significant premium 35 percent if i recall correctly they are going to put on premium healthcare and another tax on the rich. they are also talking about a soda tax, they are also talking about a botox tax. lifts my entire face. >> there is no doubt all of the things we are talking in any shape of healthcare reform are going to cost us. frankly as i have said to you guys before i am thrilled they are walking away with nothing and all of the lawmakers have to go back to their constituents look at -- >> they are going to get hammered. they are going to get beaten up for government care and build their voting on that they don't need. >> here's what we are missing. we are missing cobra. we are missing the conversation. >> why aren't we addressing those concerns more
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aggressively. >> they tried to force this down the throats of the american people without any cost analysis, without any specificity, without any details. we are getting 20 percent of our economy. >> they could get to a solution if they would take a step back invite the republicans to the dabl we don't have to have a zero sum game where nobody wins. >> president obama lashes out against the cambridge police department said they acted stupidly and he didn't have any facts at all to back it up. he didn't really apologize but he backed away said we will have a beer together. how big of a mistake is this. we have low pole numbers 50 percent in two polls. >> i don't know how much is directly attributed to the comment about gates. i had a sharp intake of breath because i knew what was going to happen. i knew he didn't know. when you are commanding in chief president of the united states it sounds different. so they have a controversy. i think they handled it fairly
9:20 pm
well. having him come out on friday is the right thing to do. >> he didn't apologize. >> maybe he will after he has the meeting. >> it's hard for some people to apologize. >> maybe he and i would have a beer. >> i remember that. >> did you decide whether that is a budweiser as he had at the all star game? >> i offered in the spirit of spreading the love. >> what kind? >> heineken light. >> heineken light? oh, god. i liked you until i heard heen ken light. >> that blew you away. what beer are you? >> i am a tangera, tonic and lime. oo good to see you both. >> democrat castle got an e-mail from an angry constituents. the latest on the gates crowley
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welcome home, man.
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>> tonight in "hannity's america" people across the country are speaking out against the democrat's healthcare plan. in a recent town hall meeting members of claire mccastle's
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staff many of her constituents didn't counseled happy about the direction her taking. >> larry reid and the rest of the people in congress and the senate are they going to be calling to be on the same plan? (yelling) >> moments later a soldier in attendance criticized mccaskill for her support of government healthcare. listen to this. >> t >> (inaudible)>> congratulations to that young man for standing up and having his voice heard. [flush] >> famously said about the vice president nobody messes with joe. also members said he is not
9:26 pm
buying in and they questioned robert gibbs about the latest string of gas at yesterday's briefing. let's take a look. >> i think the president and his team are (inaudible) ♪ >> uh. >> ranging from people involved in the politics and political reconciliation that has to happen in order to make iraq a safer place and to see us fulfill our commitment to remove our troops as to the timetable the president has laid out.
9:27 pm
i think he's an enormous assets to the administration. >> robert, i think the only thing better than having you as a press secretary would have joe biden take your job. this evening awes universal nightmare segment comes courtesy of the united kingdom's health service. it is supposed to provide everybody across the pond with universal healthcare. the harold reports scotts are not pleased with nhs scare quote almost one-third of the people had a problem with the nhs but 53 percent of that group did not complain about the service they received with many saying it wouldn't make any difference. the article goes on to say quote the report said that people could feel this poured and damaged in the healthcare system. i think that's usually what happens when the government is in charge.
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>> and tonight's media bash is brought to you by news week magazine. news week correspondent darren brisco embedded with the obama campaign has joined the white house. brisco will be working for the office of national drone control policy. his reporting of course contributed to the publication of a long time coming. that was news week's book on the campaign. i am sure the book and all of news week's reporting on the campaign were completely objective. hannity's america continues in 90 seconds with a stimulus update to make your blood boil, rahm emanuel says the administration rescued the economy. but a new data that's out suggests otherwise. that's coming up next. so what do you think? i think i'll go with the basic package. good choice. only meineke lets you choose the brake service that's right for you.
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provider for 2-layer ambien cr. >> white house chief of staff rahm emanuel recently said the obama administration quote rescued the economy. there is news out of oregon today that may have congressman dead fishery visiting his assessment. the ap reports the 3,000 jobs democrats were created the stimulus lasted an average of only 35 hours. so after less than a week those people were unemployed again. unbelievable. more hannity in 90 seconds.
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>> joining me now to discuss this and more is stormer lapd detective fox news contributor mark fuhrman. your general thoughts on not only what happened, but the president's intervening in this? >> i think i should maybe state first there's kind of with me there's an elephant in the room. i was called a racist 14 years ago 15 years ago, but regardless of the context of what i did or how i did it or was supposed to hear it i apologize to a race, a nation and every police officer. with that being said you look at
9:34 pm
this situation and sergeant crowley has absolutely nothing to apologize for. professor gates has everything to apologize for and the president should publicly apologize to sergeant crowley. >> let me go to your case for one reason and one reason only. when you were asked about whether or not you had used that word you said no. it came out you had been working on a plight. do you feel you got a fair shot people would allow you to give context and texture and in other words was it you saying it, do you think you were treated fairly? >> even when they prosecuted me for purring perjury i was not by a prosecutor or nobody in the state of california talked to me about that. >> had you forgotten about it? >> i had completely forgotten about it. it was a fictional screen play. it doesn't take away from words that are hurtful to people and i
9:35 pm
recognize that and i made my apologies. but in this situation we need to look at sergeant crowley. the man is in a black-and-white in uniform hears a call come out. he does whatever job he's supposed to do unless people don't want him to arrive to the house when 911 is called. he does and he needs to do certain things before he can leave. because he can't leave until he is satisfied the crime has not occurred or it is not in progress. professor gates hindered that possibility for him to december cover that even when sergeant crowley said i am going to leave the harvard police are here, still professor gates pursued this and challenged him. he assumed he was a racist solely because he was white. there was no interaction between sergeant crowley from that perspective. he was doing what he needed to do. >> that comment you just made was very interesting to me.
9:36 pm
there have been other officers that know this man sergeant crowley and have defended him. he has been teaching some of the younger cops on the job about issues of race sensitivity which i think is a great thing. we know he was instrumental in trying to revive reggie lewis former star. the president said he acted stupidly even admitting he didn't know the facts. when you are the president of the united states that is a huge impact. should he apologize? >> absolutely. he should do it as publicly as he could. sergeant crowley was skauled stupid -- called stupid. it comes on press conference after press conference after press conference. healthcare, economy is in the tank he takes time-out to be a camp counselor for something he has no power, no influence. he could not influence the
9:37 pm
cambridge police department. >> we have gotten a few tapes now this professor gates was -- here's what surprised me radical bill ayers, teaches at a college campus. this is on c span. this is professor gates. this is what he had to say. listen to this after he talks about malcolm can'ti malcolm -- talking about the devil. >> all right. i didn't know until 1959 when we were watching mike wallace documentary about the nation of islam. i couldn't believe he talked about the white man was the devil and standing up for white people's face. her face was radiant. the smile for her face. he said quietly (inaudible) she
9:38 pm
sat up and said she never trusted white people. she didn't like white people. she didn't want to live with white people. >> malcolm x is talking about how the white man was the devil and he laughs. what does that say about professor gates? is he the one that racially profiles here? >> that's the most ignorant thing i have ever heard anybody say. >> did very a vash sha racial predisposition? >> he could. unless how he gets a picture of people before he gets there. i want to say something about police procedure. this is where most cops die they go up to a house they have an unknown call they don't know what the call is but they have to respond. the suspect inside has cover and concealing you can't see him and bullets don't go through what he is hiding behind. when you make contact as sergeant crowley did he needs to not only identify that that
9:39 pm
person is who he says it is but there is nobody in the house making himsy that. >> what about people who say -- i get calls on my radio show about this. people say professor gates is wrong the police officer was wrong. he didn't need to arrest him. >> i disagree. >> why? >> when sergeant crowley had the harvard police -- when they arrived and he turned away and said i am leaving now, now professor gates thinks that he won this and he started pursuing didn't crowley yelling things, stating things and creating a disturbance that was -- >> every cop -- you have a right to call a cop anything you want? >> you don't have a right when you create a disturbance. if you would create an environment that would insight people to jump in, this is how riots start. >> i agree once he was that uncooperative and that provocative and that disturbing
9:40 pm
i think he was in the wrong and the police officer was in the right. i would like to see the president apologize publicly. i would like to see professor gates, too. i am not holding my bette. -- breath. >> i can't believe sergeant crowley would go to the white house unless he was guaranteed both of those men apologize to him and do it publicly. he is 100 percent in the right. if president obama and professor gates don't get off of this they are probably going to be the ones being sued. >> good to see you. appreciate it. time to check in on greta van susteren who is about to tease the living day lights out of this with some big nugget she is going to hide from us when she brings it up 20 men's from now when she goes on the record. am i right or wrong? >> you know what you are not going to believe this. a member of congress, a democrat says he needs to hire two lawyers in order to read the new healthcare bill. healthcare reform will need law reform. we will have to have lawyers to
9:41 pm
read these healthcare bills coming down the pipe. this is getting pretty nutty. >> i am going to give you the initials of the congressman. jc? >> okay, what does b 3 mean? >> b 3? >> want a hint? >> okay. it's sort of like g-8 and g 20. >> got it. i got it but i am not going to tell it. >> what were you talking about. i am lying through my teeth. >> it's huge. it is so huge. >> look at the football mark fuhrman gave me. a new hannity football. i am going to get one specially made for you. >> try not to brake the lights like you did last time with it. >> you had to rat me out. greta 19 minutes from now we will see you. our great, great, great let not your heart be troubled our great american panel straight ahead. opportunity.
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>> tonight on our great american panel she is the washington editor fox news contributor nina easton is here. national chairman of the republican national hispanic assembly dana fork cuss is with us and she is a fox news anchor and analyst a former prosecutor kimberly guilfoyle is with us. all of these politicians going home we have this guy kernighan in missouri and clara mccaskill. hearing from the constituents latest victim mccaskill. let's play the tape. >> harry read and the rest of people are they going to be
9:47 pm
willing to be on the same plan? >> there is an open revolt. the polls are showing it. obama is below 50. the country does not want this but they are still trying to ram this through fast. >> americans let your voices be heard. i think it's fantastic. that's what the principles of this country is founded on letting our voices be heard a democratic nation go to these things make it happen. tell them you are not satisfied. >> tell them sean hannity sent you. >> tell them sean hannity sent you. they will know they are in trouble. >> the votes are coming from the democrats themselves. it is more inviting we have seen since barack obama came in office. >> the american public is getting sick and tired fed up with the fact that they didn't buy into that. missouri is one of the purple states the swing states that could go either way. days go by the rules keep getting worse and worse. as you get into specific issue
9:48 pm
whethers it's the healthcare, whether it's the economy it's just tanking. every day it goes by the american public is going to tank. >> interesting number, sean. his approval rating is actually the exact same as it was for george w. bush in july of the same near the first year of the presidency. >> i don't know what you -- rasmussen have him below 50 the first niem his presidenpresiden. >> poll i looked at showed him in the low 50s in the gallup poll. the point being he's personally quite popular but his job approval rating is really equivalent to what it was with george w. bush. going back to healthcare quickly i think what you are running up against is that 85 percent of americans like their healthcare. they are satisfied with their healthcare. all of this debate now has stirred up their fears they are going to lose their healthcare they are going to have to g go a government program they are going to be taxed.
9:49 pm
>> this is a problem. more detail will become available the lessen kleined the american people are to support it. rasmussen has opposition to this plan. this is the one supported by the cbo down by nine. the presidential approval rating index is minus 11 for obama. >> the devil is in the details in all of this stuff. when you poll americans and say do you want healthcare reform they want healthcare reform. what happens is you go out and say we are going to contain costs and expands coverage. can you really do both of those? we are finding out it's not easy to do both of those. third rail politics. >> it is and george bush tried as he wanted to he wanted to go after social security it wasn't success. . >> why are they trying to get this through. the waters are murky. it's obvious the sharks are there. the americans don't want to dip their doe in because they are afraid it will be much worse. what is the rush?
9:50 pm
>> the question is obama -- rahm emanuel as the chicago way that he needs. he is not politically naive. inge he understands if they don't get this done and get it done quickly especially if unemployment is headed to double digits they are not going to have the ability to pass this. >> the american people understand you don't need a government takeover. the best healthcare system in the world will be able to deal with some -- we have to have some healthcare reform in this country we can do it in a rational responsible way without undoing the best health kier system in the world. >> something called vil lup to us. the closer you get the more contentious they are going to get on capitol hill. we heard about the blue dogs running for cover on this. they are going to go home in august next week and they are going to hear from constituents. >> there are 50 pull d -- blue g
9:51 pm
democrats. >> they will be coming up with a new plan they are talking about here. you have them behind corzine the governor of new jersey governor of new york is in trouble. believe it or not harry reid is in trouble. democrats they don't see the country is not buying into that especially because the numbers on the employment side. stimulus isn't working people -- >> plain old fashioned we worry about taxes and you listen to barack obama's speech at the convention he laid out a very conventional democratic bent kind of agenda. didn't look like a new democrat. >> we have to take a break. talk about professor gates issue when we come back. much much more of the great, great, great american panel straight ahead. what's in a triscuit?
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>> you feel that -- >> i am going to get females
9:55 pm
from this audience -- >> from me. >> i think any of us would agree acting the same way as professor gates. we have shown him that we live in this house. >> he didn't show him. >> he showed him his driver's license. he showed he lived in the house and then brought him out and arrested him. >> he walked out onto the porch and arrested him. >> he started calling him a racist and attacked him and he was disturbing the peace. >> everybody over reacted in this situation but i do think in a case that wasn't so racially charged a lot of people would have reacted that way. a police officer arresting you in your own home. >> this police officer risked his life to go to this man's house after being called there, immediate -- the media is being called. >> answering a call from a concerned citizen to make sure the community is safe he goes and he inquires. he's doing everything he was supposed to do.
9:56 pm
he didn't pull the man out of his own home. >> he is uncooperative, belligerent calling him a racist. >> i think it's unheard of. these officers show up to protect our lives on a daily basis. they don't know what they are going to until they respond to the call. all he had to do is listen officer thank you for coming out here's my id. that's all that has to be done. this would have all been over if he cooperated. >> i think it's the police officer's job to lower the temperature in the situation. >> he tried. you can hear it on the tape he tried. >> you can lear it -- hear it on the tape you don't hear gates screaming. >> what kind of lesson is the professor teaching in terms of being belligerent. >> a normal reaction when a police officer is arresting you in your own home. it's not proper. >> normal reaction if a police officer comes they have a report of a break in you start calling him a racist get out of my home
9:57 pm
i am not going to show you my id. >> the knee jerk reaction both on professor gate's part as well as obama to turn everything into a racial issue that's a knee jerk reaction. >> a radical on a college campus is not surprise to go me. we have churchill and bill ayers unrelent tent ter rest as a professor. when you hear this tape of c span of gates saying malcolm x was talking about how the white man is the devil he was laughing. >> why then did the president not say he was a serious mishap. >> he wouldn't apologize. this is a teachable moment. >> it has to be a teachable moment. what's the lessons we learn in this particular situation. the officer did his job he was basically called back by the president of the united states a beer isn't going to solve the problem. >> he acted stupidly. the president admitting he doesn't have the facfacts.
9:58 pm
he condemns the police officers and tries to lecture everybody else about lowering the volume and teachable moments. >> the moment here should have been president obama. he should have learned from his lessons and not jump into local matters to say as president of the united states that's something law officials should be able to take care of. >> in this case, in this case president obama did pretty much admit that he over stepped his boundaries. a teachable moment sounds a little dan tishg,c there's nothing wrong. >> the president reversing course on this. >> he still stand by the idea that the police officer was wrong. he still ha doesn't have the fa in this case. every officer on the scene corroborated the arresting officer's point of view. they all said he did the right thing because wasn't disturbing
9:59 pm
the peace. >> this didn't an officer who has a history of problems of engaging in racial behavior. he was commended and helped lead the department in this area. whether or not sorry officer. thanks for coming out. sorry for the inappropriate comment thank you for doing the job of the police officer. >> i am waiting for that beer. >> he did invite me to have a beer. >> i was worried about that. >> i offered to have them in the spirit of spreadling the wealth. >> barack obama has called me by name. president obama i will bring the beer, your choice. >> that is all of the time we have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. news continues.